The Open Data Foundation

The Open Data Foundation provides a place where the members of different communities can come together and work on the alignment of technology standards and software tools which will facilitate visibility and re-use of data at all levels of the statistical information chain. By promoting automated access to statistical data and metadata in this way, better decision-making becomes possible in many fields of research and policy-making.

ODaF Donations

The Open Data Foundation has traditionally relied on in kind contributions and project funding overhead to support its operations. As we have over time transitioned into a networking organization, primarily focusing on event organization, conference participation, and institutional or social networking, we have reached a stage where new funding is needed to keep the ODaF functioning. To address this need, our Directors have approved a plan for approaching individual and organizational donors.

We have adopted in 2011 a contribution policy that allows for individual donations in the range of $25 to $500 and corporate donations in the range of $1,000 to $10,000. The upper limits are the maximum allowed per calendar year and have been set to minimize the risk for larger donors to be seen as exerting influence on the organization. Corporate sponsors will have the option to have their logo displayed on the web site. For US tax payers, cash donations qualify for deduction under regulation 501(c)(3).

Individual Donations

Corporate Donations

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