The Open Data Foundation

The Open Data Foundation provides a place where the members of different communities can come together and work on the alignment of technology standards and software tools which will facilitate visibility and re-use of data at all levels of the statistical information chain. By promoting automated access to statistical data and metadata in this way, better decision-making becomes possible in many fields of research and policy-making.

Individual membership to the Open Data Foundation is free. To become a member however, you need to be sponsored in by another member, advisor, director or manager of the organization. If you are interested in joining the Open Data Foundation and do not have a sponsor, contact with background information and motivations in joining the organization.

ODaF is recruiting members for several reasons:
- To keep people more completely informed about the activities of the organization
- To have a pool of potential project participants, as volunteers or in a paid capacity
- To have access to interested individuals who can help further the goals of the organization
- To provide greater visibility of the organization's operations within the statistical and research communities which it supports

Membership does not involve any financial obligation (there are no dues) - it is merely a statement that you support the goals of the organization, and are optionally willing to participate in its projects and activities.

There is currently no institutional membership. As an project based organization, our association with other agencies is established through project level activities.