The Open Data Foundation

The Open Data Foundation provides a place where the members of different communities can come together and work on the alignment of technology standards and software tools which will facilitate visibility and re-use of data at all levels of the statistical information chain. By promoting automated access to statistical data and metadata in this way, better decision-making becomes possible in many fields of research and policy-making.


Whether you are an individual, a small or large organization, from the private or public sector, or from a developed or developing country, there is a good chance you can contribute to ODaF.

The ODaF directors, advisors and managers are currently non-remunerated positions. We do however require sources of funding to sustain our activities, maintain our ICT infrastructure and cover operational or administrative costs. ODaF funding mechanisms are based on donations and a 15% overhead on sponsored projects. Financial contributions to the foundation can therefore be made through direct donations or by executing your projects under the ODaF umbrella.

There are also many opportunities for in kind support. Donating time through participation in open source development projects and helping us with operational activities or the maintenance of the ICT infrastructure are great ways to contribute. If you have the right profile, you may also want to be involved as an advisor. Other contributions include donating computers or office equipment, sharing server space, providing facilities for meetings or conferences, etc.

Besides direct contributions, advertising the existence of the foundation, fostering the adoption of recommended metadata specifications, using community tools, or adopting best practices in data and metadata management are also good indirect ways to contribute to ODaF's mission. Please contact us if you have any question, idea or suggestion.